Tozzi Two is an ultra-high-end, single-driver desktop loudspeaker. It incorporates the most advanced all-range driver technology on the market with a sub-compact enclosure developed using the latest in industrial design and computer numerical control (CNC) machining.

Tozzi Two, in finished quality and performance, is a purist high-end compact loudspeaker for the discerning customer. Designed by Mark Fenlon, this state-of-the-art driver is a single-suspension variation of the Sota 5. The sound has superb clarity and detail, with a clean, precise and phase-accurate balance. A long stroke helps avoid excess compression. Range is exceptional for a sub-compact loudspeaker, stretching from upper bass notes to well beyond the upper limit of human hearing. The advanced alloy cone has a very shallow profile, and with the signature Tozzi waveguide, gives excellent dispersion of sound energy into the room. No filter is used; the output of the amplifier goes direct to the driver.


USD $595.00

per pair

Key Features

MarkAudio-SOTA utilizes a number of key features to produce the uniquely rich, natural and detailed sound of their loudspeakers. From the Symmetrical Sound Field technology to the All-Range Driver Approach, the speakers are built from the ground up with a goal to faithfully reproduce the music.

Built from the ground up
MarkAudio-SOTA loudspeakers are built from the ground up, including the cabinets, crossovers and speaker drivers. Many manufacturers choose off-the-shelf components that aren’t always a perfect match to their system design target.
Symmetrical Sound Field
MarkAudio-SOTA uses its own symmetrical technology. The single, wide dispersion, shallow-profile cone driver replaces conventional dual cone-woofer and dome-tweeter combinations.
Global Design – The best engineers and designers from around the world
The global dream team at MarkAudio-SOTA recruited a global dream panel of experts to help tune the sound character, thus creating outstanding loudspeakers for discerning listeners.
All-Range Driver Approach
MarkAudio-SOTA’s unique all-range approach offers the rich midrange that is typical of a wide-range single speaker design, while providing a full frequency range extending from 80Hz to 24kHz, and the high-impact dynamics of more typical multi-way speakers.
Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident that you’ll have no problem getting great sound from your MarkAudio-SOTA loudspeakers that we offer you 30 days to order the speakers, get them home, set them up and listen to them before final decision.
Hear Our Difference

MarkAudio-SOTA searched the world to find the best designers and engineers in their respective fields with the goal to create a unique series of loudspeaker products that provide simple and faithful musical playback. The speakers employ a number of key features, such as wide-range driver-technology and minimal control networks to produce natural, detailed music that preserves the realistic richness of voices and instruments.



Ultra-high-end, single-driver desktop loudspeaker.


Brush Stipple Rose Alloy
Brush Stipple Grey AlloyCharcoal


1 Alpair 5 all-range driver


80Hz – 24KHz anechoic

SENSITIVITY (1w @ 1 m):

85dB 1w @ 1m

IMPEDENCE (Norminal):

6 Ohms


15w Nominal (30w peak).  High quality amplification is highly recommended. Please see our technical page for more in-depth advice

Class A/B @ 8 ohm per channel:

25W to 50W

Class A @ 8 ohm per channel:

5W to 12W

Class D @ 8 ohm per channel:

20W to 40W


200mm x 126mm x 200mm
15.75in x 11.8in x 11in

WEIGHT (Each):

1.42 Kg
3.13 lbs

Industry Reviews

The Markaudio-Sota Tozzi Two is a ‘specific task’ loudspeaker, and it achieves that task perfectly. It’s not for headbangers. It’s the kind of loudspeaker you could use on a desktop for hours on end without any stress, and could even be used to play good sounds in a small to medium sized room brilliantly.


Customer Reviews

These pack a punch and are very accurate. Love the design and compact size.

Mike G, from Orange County, CA / Add your own review