MarkAudio-SOTA is a joint cooperation between SOTA Acoustics and Markaudio Loudspeakers, LTD. It harmoniously brings together a dream team of specialists in each aspect of speaker design — including speaker drivers, voice coils, crossovers, and cabinets — to build best-in-class sounding speakers that have build quality and visual appeal to match.


Combining the collective knowledge of audio science with new innovations, Markaudio-SOTA utilizes custom components designed and engineered from the ground up. The company’s relentless pursuit of quality is evident in both its collaborations and its product.

Working in close cooperation with Markaudio Loudspeakers, LTD, a longtime favorite in the custom speaker building market, MarkAudio-SOTA combines custom versions of Mark Fenlon’s wide frequency range driver designs with minimal control networks from industry expert Scott Lindgren. Add custom voice coils by Matsubara San, a 35-year transducer veteran, and cabinets by renowned designer Andrea Ponti to that driver-crossover combination and the result is a superb rendering of sound in speakers that will exceed consumer expectations.

Steve Cheng – Founder

“Founder Steve Cheng formed SOTA Acoustics Limited in 2014. Having maintained a keen audio interest over many years, the time came to turn dreams into a reality. Steve is the Executive Director and Chairman of Telefield, a substantial manufacturing company group based in Hong Kong, experience that will assist SOTA in its growth and development.


Steve has 30 plus years of postgraduate level experience in consumer electronic products industry from telephones, personal security devices, alarms and A/V amplification and large scale manufacturing, giving him a near unique set of skills and a wide industrial perspective to lead SOTA. A devotee of electronics and new technology, Steve has recently become the proud owner of a Tesla all-electric car.

Mark Fenlon – Co Founder & Chief Loud Speaker Designer

Consultant Mark Fenlon leads on product development and technical application. Mark also contributes to SOTA’s marketing development. Mark’s engineering background initially comes from the energy sector specializing in material flow dynamics, production and control.


He was the originator of the Alpair and CHR series of Full-Range audio drivers under the original Markaudio brand. With 30 plus years of post graduate mechanical-industrial and product design experience, his passion for home audio started at 18 years of age when his built his own set of loudspeakers. Mark is an enthusiast for Japanese vintage audio equipment that includes rare Victor and Sansui. He also owns and restores classic Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evolution 4 wheel driver sport cars. Mark works in collaboration with Matsubara San and Dr Scott Lindgren.

Dr. Scott Lindgren – Consultant

Dr. Scott Lindgren is well-known as a loudspeaker designer and has produced a large number of highly-regarded systems for the commercial and custom-build markets, working both individually and as part of international development teams. Dr. Scott specializes in enclosure and filter design.


Scott’s contribution to MarkAudio-SOTA includes large-scale projects working in collaboration with Mark Fenlon and Matsubara San to create our different series of loudspeakers. Outside his work in acoustics he is also a highly respected naval historian.

Matsubara San – Consultant

An engineering science graduate, Matsubara has over 35 years of transducer and loudspeaker leading design experience based in Japan and China with major international Hi-Fi brands. His research includes the operational efficiency of audio drivers. Matsubara’s contribution to Markaudio SOTA includes large scale loudspeaker projects working in collaboration with Mark Fenlon and Dr. Scott Lindgren.

Thomas Lo – Manager

Manager Thomas Lo leads SOTA’s business and marketing development. Thomas has over 15 years of experience in consumer electronic products industry. His work includes electronic games, telephones, AV products, EMS products, home appliances, remote control, security, home automation, and DSP products for some of the world leading brands.


Thomas has a keen interest in classic original Mini cars and owns a rare ERA (Engineering Application and Research Ltd.) turbo-charged original series Mini.

Kelvin Lam – Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer Kelvin Lam is a senior engineering manager. Kelvin has over 20 years of experience in business development and research and development in electronics industry. He was employed by the Hong Kong Productivity Council from 1987 to 1992 where he served as an engineering technologist and was subsequently promoted to associate consultant of Electronics Services Division in 1992.


Kelvin and his engineering team are inventors of 7 patents. His project team supervised the production of Harmen Kardon (audio and video receiver) and Altec Lancing (Speakers with docking station) audio products.

Chow Kin Wong – Engineer

Engineer Chow Kin Wong, known to his friends as “KW” is our electronic engineer. He has over 25 years of working experience in electronic manufacturing industry, involved in R&D of security products, telephones, thermal control products etc, He is familiar with New Production Introduction process to bring new products into production. In Speaker development stage, he helps in selecting right components for cross-over circuits.