These fill my room with the most beautiful sound. Simply amazing the clarity and bravado of these units. Very pleased.

The Tozzi One speakers and are full of a rich, warm sound and with a design that, well, you need to see to believe..


These pack a punch and are very accurate. Love the design and compact size.

Mike G, from Orange County, CA / Add your own review

The Markaudio-Sota Tozzi Two is a ‘specific task’ loudspeaker, and it achieves that task perfectly. It’s not for headbangers. It’s the kind of loudspeaker you could use on a desktop for hours on end without any stress, and could even be used to play good sounds in a small to medium sized room brilliantly.


These replaced my previous speakers which were three times the price. They sound better and look phenomenal in my studio.

Richard R, from Baltimore, Maryland / Add your own review

The speakers have been broken-in now and really sound terrific! Detailed, with clarity, seamless transparency, and even decent bass! A real bargain at the price, and would stand up well against speakers costing considerably more. My compliments to everyone in the MarkAudio-SOTA team! Thanks again

Bob B. on May 23, 2017 / Add your own review

These speakers sound superb and look great.

Tim from Houston, Texas / Add your own review

This speaker’s a lot of fun to listen to.

Jim from Manhattan Beach, CA / Add your own review

Remarkable Sound ! I was amazed at the depth and detail that can be delivered with these speakers.

Robert from Orange County, CA / Add your own review

“…if you seek a refined, quick and nimble, accurate take on music; a speaker skilful at PRAT (pace, rhythm and timing), with a sweet vocal presence and fundamentally neutral in tone, then the Viotti One is a speaker you must hear.”

Viotti One

“These speakers sound excellent right out of the box and only improve with time, save for bass performance. If you’re a fan of classical or jazz music, you might not notice, of course.”

Viotti Review

“Their smooth, open sound, precise imaging, and ability to draw out fine detail in everything from indie rock to classical make it a great all-purpose speaker.”

Viotti Review

The speaker offers lots of detail but always at the service of a balanced musical fabric. Nothing sticks out, no frequency shouts, nothing blurts. It’s exceedingly well behaved.

Viotti Review

“The Cesti MBs are fabulous speakers which provide at least as much musical enjoyment as much more expensive speakers.”


“…if aesthetics are equally important as silky smooth and natural midrange, seemingly infinite detail, and jaw-dropping dispersion and stereo imaging, this is certainly a speaker you need to audition.”

Viotti Review

“For a small company, ‘Follow your dreams’ is often going to create better products than ‘follow the money”


“When you sit down and really listen to what they can do, you realize they are smooth but also incredibly atmospheric. Their abilities transcended my expectations”

Viotti Review

“With a lot of clever design collaboration and excellent build quality the Cesti B are a welcome newcomer onto the audio scene”

Cesti Review