MarkAudio-SOTA searched the world to find the best designers and engineers in their respective fields with the goal to create a unique series of loudspeaker products that provide simple and faithful musical playback. The speakers employ a number of key features, such as wide-range driver-technology and minimal control networks to produce natural, detailed music that preserves the realistic richness of voices and instruments.


MarkAudio-SOTA loudspeakers are built from the ground up, including the cabinets, crossovers and speaker drivers. Many manufacturers choose off-the-shelf components that aren’t always a perfect match to their system design targets, MarkAudio-SOTA, purists by engineering standards, build their components to precisely match the specific design characteristics of the speaker systems.

All-Range Driver Approach

MarkAudio-SOTA’s unique dual-driver, all-range approach offers the rich midrange that is typical of a wide-range single speaker design, while providing a full frequency range extending from 40Hz to 25kHz, and the high-impact dynamics of more typical multi-way speakers. Using a custom-designed, 110mm (Sota 11) wide-range acoustically-isolated mid-bass driver, with a 50mm (Sota 5) tweeter, the drivers’ low mass mixed-alloy cone provides transparency and detail.

Symmetrical Sound Field

MarkAudio-SOTA uses its own symmetrical technology. The dual, wide dispersion, shallow-profile cone drivers replace conventional cone-woofer and dome-tweeter combinations. With their matched dispersion and output characteristics, along with a minimal crossover slope, the two custom-made Sota drivers provide an audibly seamless integration between high and low frequencies.


This integration results in a smooth, natural output and soundstage that affords a wider range of seating positions, allowing several people to hear a top quality performance at one time.

Advanced Cabinet Engineering

Our speaker enclosures are constructed from high-density fibreboard giving maximum acoustic stability. The rigidity and mass of the panels are carefully balanced to avoid audible resonances and provide our custom drive-units with a solid platform. The Sota 5 high-frequency driver is isolated in its own sealed sub-chamber.


The Sota 11 bass-mid works in the main vented enclosure volume. Our shallow waveguides are CNC machined into the front panel. The size and profile of these are designed specifically for the Sota drivers to maximize positioning flexibility.


The simple but elegant crossover design progressively transitions the higher and lower ranges of the audio signal to the driver optimized to handle that part of the spectrum. The 2.4 kHz crossover frequency uses gentle 2nd order electrical and acoustic slopes that gradually blend the outputs, maximizing the advantages of our symmetric wide-dispersion drivers.


The simple design, with few reactive components, also aids in amplifier matching, allowing MarkAudio-SOTA speakers to be easily driven by low-power designs. The result is a 2-way loudspeaker without any obvious crossover transition, and a smooth, transparent but dynamic and natural musical response.


Our speaker designs combine Italian flair with clean minimalist industrial design. Our lacquer finishes are produced to a standard rarely seen at this price point. Our proprietary shallow waveguide helps to guide the sound-energy into the room and provides a unique, elegant visual feature.


The protective grills are mounted using small rare-earth magnets fitted under the finish, eliminating unsightly fixings and preserving the clean, elegant lines should the user prefer to use the speakers without the grills.


We are so confident that you’ll have no problem getting great sound from your MarkAudio-SOTA loudspeakers that we offer you 30 days to order the speakers, get them home, set them up and listen to them before making your final decision.


If the speakers do not perform to your satisfaction, call (844-202-4278) to receive return authorization information. Please use the factory packaging materials to repack the speakers and send back to us.